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By Brad Coleman | Family

Aug 10

After my interview on Dads in the Limelight was published I received some wonderful supporting comments from friends and family. I appreciate the support but it was not my intent to paint a picture of all sunshine and rainbows. This stuff is hard and you don’t always get a timeout when you need it. Sometimes I feel like we are so busy but not really going anywhere. It’s (mostly) fun times but the hardest part is having to be “on” all the time because they are ALWAYS watching.

Finding time to balance work, marriage, family and personal time is really difficult. I feel that it is the code that we have to crack to be better leaders, and it’s the reason this site and the Facebook group were created. There has to be a way for us to be able balance it all and still honor the obligations that we have in life. You can tell by the nature of Chris’ questions he is working on the same theories. Challenge, advice, balance, experiences are all keywords that can be found in his questions. That goes back to one of my main goals of connecting guys (and something that I mention in the interview). There is no need for us to suffer in isolation. Not that it will be easy adding yet another role to your responsibilities, but it is imperative that we build a support network (a fraternity, if you will) to build one another up and assist in any way we can to be the best leaders to train the next generation.

There is no need for men to suffer in isolation.

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But ultimately, I know that I have some pretty good boys, and I am very proud of them. It’s kind of funny how we can get so concerned about how rambunctious they can be but at the same time we get compliments about how well behaved they are. I guess it just goes to show that things are never quite as bad as you think they are.

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