How I use the 4 F’s

By Brad Coleman | Faith

Aug 11

My 4 F's for prioritizing my time, as outlined in a previous post, are an informal method for reviewing my priorities over a given day or week to keep a check on the things I need to do.

I'm not sure I could survive without an ongoing To Do list and this is just another way to keep track of my responsibilities for the week. Breaking them down this way forces me to think about the things that need to be done with each of these individual sets of obligations. It's almost like a mini task list to accomplish each of the individual items on my to do list. Often they revolve around the individual roles in which I'm active at that time.

Create a system to categorize your To Do list based on your priorities.

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So here's an example of some quick bullet points that I wrote at the beginning of one week last month. They aren't always as clean as this and there isn't always such defining lines between each of the things I need to get done but you get the idea.

Faith - Have I started working on my lesson for bible class this week? What are we studying and what needs to be done?

Family - We promised Jake a new scooter if he can go a month without any accidents while potty training. He's getting close. I need to research scooters.

Fitness - What do we have to do this week? How many times will I get to workout? Do I need to mow one evening instead of going to workout

Finance - Not a lot going at work this week. Are there any days that I need to plan on getting there early or would I have time to take the boys to school so Amanda can get to work early?

It may seem trivial, but having this framework to remember what we have coming up really helps me plan out my week. These are the areas that I find compete for my time. I don't necessarily write them out like this, most of the time it is simply internal dialogue. As I have mentioned in my previous post, I didn't set out to plan these out like this. They were organized more organically over a period of time when I started to realize that most everything falls into one of these four buckets.

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