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By Brad Coleman | Fitness

Aug 23

I also get up at 4 am.

I don’t think anyone would deny that the success The Rock has had in his career can be shown to be directly related to his drive and determination. He will turn 45 this year and has created a brand for himself in a niche that is most certainly a young man’s game. From linebacker at the University of Miami, to WWE World Champion wrestler, to action movie star, he has been able to constantly reinvent himself to perpetuate a career based around his athleticism and body builder physique.

But it’s easy to see the victories when they are celebrated in such a glamorous and public way. What’s not so easy to appreciate, is the work behind the scenes that is required to be able to achieve the successes that he has had. We all put in hard work toward something on a regular basis. And it would be great to think that we had such external motivators as college football, wrestling, or a career as a movie star to get us excited to work toward a goal every day. But that’s not reality for most of us. For most of us, we have families, careers and a scattering of seemingly menial tasks on a daily basis to occupy our time and energy.

It made me think.

"When we lose site of a goal in our life, we get bored." #Drive

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So who are my competitors?

The truth is that we must each find our own internal motivations. Doing so will allow you to appreciate the struggle in working toward the goal. In this guest post, I write that my competitors are complacency, redundancy, and wasted time. Redundancy and routine are not always bad. But, when left unchecked, redundancy can lead to boredom which can cause a person to “check out” mentally. If you ever catch yourself doing this it should be cause to self-evaluation questioning your level of commitment to the task. Do you need to recommit yourself to the activity at hand? Each of these three are symptoms of the same disease.

Make sure that you are living a deliberate life, where you have a plan for your life and know the direction in which you are headed, with a long-term plan and short-term goals to help get you there. 

Your actions and routines should be in alignment with your goals. If they aren’t, you may want to evaluate whether you are living a deliberate and planned life that you need to be living to accomplish your main life’s purpose.​

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My competitors are complacency, redundancy, and wasted time.

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