Stop and Think About It (Time for Reflection)

By Brad Coleman | Faith

Feb 21
take time to calm your mind.

How often do you stop and think about it? What is it? "It" can be anything. How often do you stop and think about anything? How often do you just STOP?

We spend so much time running from appointment to appointment that we don't allow time for reflection, meditation, review, pondering. How much time, during the day, do you spend in quiet time? I'm not just talking about time alone. In fact, this is part of the problem. We often think that "time alone" is important, but that's really only the first step. Just because you are alone, doesn't mean you are taking the time you need for yourself; for reflection and prayer. Being alone in the car during your commute doesn't count if the radio is always on. Ideally, your quiet time wouldn't be during your commute but it certainly doesn't count if you never turn down the radio.

How often do you stop and think about it? What is it? "It" can be anything.

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It is imperative, if you are going to make substantial progress in your mental aptitude, that you block off 15-30 minutes every day for quiet time and reflection. This may mean you have to get up 15 minutes earlier each day. I am constantly amazed how many people ask me why I get up so early when I don't have anything particular to do. I am equally amazed how they can jump out of bed, start their day in a scramble, then wonder why they have feelings of anxiety all day. The morning silence helps you reset your thoughts and prepares you for the day ahead. Being able to sit in silence, and let your thoughts come through, is an important part of clearing the mind and working through the issues that keep you stressed out all the time.

This is one of the greatest reasons why I love hunting. Hunting is my excuse for getting back to nature. To take some time to sit, quietly, as the world carries on around me; the same way it would if I weren’t there. It is an opportunity for me to slow down and appreciate the blessings that I have in life.

The morning silence helps you reset your thoughts and prepares you for the day ahead.

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This is something that you must actively schedule into your day. Otherwise you will never find the time to make it happen. Some people connect better with nature. Others do not. Some people are more focused in the morning while others would feel more comfortable staying up a little later in the evening to recap the day’s events before heading to bed. Find what works for you.

Tips to create more quiet time:

  • Turn off the radio in the car. Not the best, because you still must be mentally engaged to drive but it's better than nothing.
  • Keep a notebook and pen with you at all times. Write down your ideas as they come to mind. This will allow you to release them from your thoughts and revisit them later. I think this is why I love keeping To Do lists so much. Once I write it down, I don't have to remember it. I only have to consult my list. More brain space available for other tasks. Here’s the hardback notebook I buy from Amazon.
  • If it's work stuff that's bothering you, spend the last 15 minutes of each day recapping what you need to do the next morning. Write down any details that will be important to remember. You will be amazed how much this will help you jump right into your tasks the next day.
  • Wake up 15 minutes earlier each day. If you aren't a morning person, stay up 15 minutes later. It may be difficult at first, but any extra fifteen minutes of sleep really wasn't going to help you that much anyway. And you will be amazed how much more clarity you have from having that extra time to sit and think.
  • Get back to nature when possible. This could be escaping to the woods for the weekend with limited cell service or just finding a local trail to do some hiking. Try to set a certain amount of time that you will turn off your phone and enjoy the silence begin to notice nature as it surrounds you.

Have you tried any of these? What other ways are you able to find quiet time for reflection? Please let me know. I welcome any new ideas.

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