What is your Legacy?

By Brad Coleman | Family

Mar 07

Do you ever think about what your legacy in this life will be? Talking to guys like us, we know that we really don't take much time to stop and think about anything at all, much less big ideas such as legacy. What will your affect be on this world? What will you do to ensure that the world is better off for you having been here? What ripples will you leave that will continue on for the next two, three, four generations?

If you are having a difficult time discovering your purpose in life, maybe legacy is a good place to start. Because if you aren't sure what you want your life to be about, why not focus on helping others. We often think about how we can help others now, in the present. But what if we began to think in a different direction, that is, into the future. To think about how you could have the greatest impact, consider how your actions now could continue to have an effect within the community for future generations. This is more evident when we work with younger people, without knowing the ways that we might inspire them to help others in the future.

Why would you want to give any thought to a big concept such as personal #legacy?

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Why would you want to give any thought to a big concept such as personal legacy? If you have ever heard anyone talk about how they just want to "leave the world a little better than before they were here," they are talking about legacy. Maybe you feel that you have been so blessed that you feel a sense of obligation to help those less fortunate than yourself. There is something built into our DNA as humans that makes us want to live a life greater than ourselves. Sometimes it is a desire to help the less fortunate. Sometimes it is driven by personal ego. But sometimes it is a feeling that you were created to have a greater impact on the world.

Don't underestimate the blessings you have been given. You have a particular set of gifts, and were placed in a particular set of circumstances, that are unique to only you. In the parable of the talents (Matt 25:14-30) the servant that was given one talent wasn’t expected to return as much as the servant that was entrusted with ten; but he was at least expected to do something with the one that he was given. Instead, he was fearful of losing the one, because he considered it to be insignificant. In the end, he was judged against the one, not the ten.

What can you do, right now, with what you have and where you are?

Do you have kids?

That’s a good place to start. Whether you like it or not, your legacy will carry on through them and their children. This means you can either teach them the right way to live or they will figure it out on their own. The best way to teach them is to show them how they should act.

So why not start with a legacy project now?

What do you enjoy doing that would help people? Where can you serve? What resources do you have that could be a blessing to someone else?

By finding your passion and starting something right now, you are helping people but you are also showing your children what it means to serve and put others before themselves. This will create a ripple effect now and who knows how large it could grow through them in the future.

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