Yard Work, Traffic and Fishin’

By Brad Coleman | Family

Jul 05

As a father, one of the greatest things we can do with our kids is to take them fishing (personal opinion). Maybe fishing isn’t your thing, but I know you must have that one thing in your mind that you inserted into that first sentence, right? We all have a bonding activity or two that we do (or want to do) with our kids that makes us feel like we are really serving our calling as dads. Fishing has always been that way for me. I didn’t fish a lot growing up, but I always enjoyed being able to go fishing with my dad. And it feels like a rite of passage as a father to be able to take my boys fishing every once in a while.

But it’s not always convenient. Sometimes you want to go fishing, but what you really need to be doing is mowing the yard (or insert other chores here). It can be difficult to balance work time (especially accounting for traffic), chores, and fun times like fishing with the kids. I have always enjoyed mowing. I take a lot of pride in having a nice yard. But there’s also something about the process that I like.

It can be difficult to balance work time, chores, and fun times like fishing with the kids.

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I will admit, though, that it was much more fun when I had more time to get it done; and when I could do it early on Saturday mornings before the temperatures climb to triple digits. Less time for chores, combined with a desire to spend more quality time with my kids has really made me wonder if it isn’t time to outsource the lawn care. I have always been very frugal with money so the idea of hiring someone to do a job that I am capable of doing is very difficult for me. But when your leisure time is restricted, you need to be able to weigh the cost vs benefit, especially for a task such as yardwork that is required every week or so during the summer. At the time of this writing, I am still doing it all myself. But the more I think about the value of recovering lost time in my schedule, the more I think it might be time.

There are benefits to decisions like this that can’t necessarily be measured in dollars and cents. At what point, is it worth your time to pay someone to do a job that you are perfectly capable of doing yourself. This goes beyond just lawncare. Is there something you have been attempting to do for a while that it would be easier just to pay an expert to know that it will be done correctly? Think about what other areas of your life you might be able to outsource and the benefits beyond monetization that could come from that. Your time is probably worth more than you give credit for.

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